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.:Blood and Justice!:.

As you ask around about the DCO, few seem to have anything of value to add. It's then that you get lucky with a strangely well-informed citizen... 

"Them Devilclaw Outlaws be an underworld community of thieves, vigilantes, bounty hunters...some of 'dem are plain bloodthirsty brutes and a slew of other unsavory criminal types. In public, they been claimin' to be nothing more than a social charter or club. Heh. S'more common to hear them explained as a gang. Maybe a syndicate or somethin'.

They ain't shy 'bout it nither. S'common to see these Outlaw types in Stormwind, wearing their colors of ol' jolly roger for all to see. Making it not too suprisin' that there's theories that Stormwind's inactivity in dealing with the Devilclaw situation's got somethin' to do with the Crown's unofficial support.

Their numbers in Stormwind used to be worse, y'know. But these days, it's seemin' they're more active down in Duskwood. I'ma tell ya: Darkshire - being lackin' in a Crown presence and whatnot - was prime to be infested for their activities. And a rather large infestation it is. Heard stories 'bout a slew of 'em. Can't say all Outlaws are the social type. Hell, not too uncommon to see your fair share of Devilcaw desperadoes. Though them there more social and organized bunch, they keep Darkshire a hub of bloodshed and criminal launderin', no doubt.

My advice? Stay away from them boys. The curious got a habit to done go missin' when they stick their nose down in ol' Duskwood these days."

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Panda Exterminator or Panda Savior?!

Dycer, Aug 20, 12 11:49 AM.
Right around the corner the killing spree will begin!


How many of you are going to go out of your way to kill Pandas?
Or maybe you will go out of your way to kill the killer of Pandas!!

Did you kill Killer, yo?

I'm throwing a contest for the first 30 days of MoP!

or on the other hand
WHOMEVER CAN KILL THE MOST PANDA KILLERS WILL RECEIVE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF GOLD!! (this means someone who has attacked a panda and you then kill said person preferably before the Panda dies)

Of course you will have to document your kills (SS's will suffice). Register here, or send me an in game mail and I'll add you to the list of Panda Killers.... or Panda Saviors!

YAY! Happy hunting!

At the 30 day mark of MoP's release I will ask all those who have registered for the killing Spree contest to send me their proof of kills, probably by email for ease. If you would like to contribute to the Pot of Gold please contact me in game.

* Kills only count if it is another Player Character you have killed. NPCs do not count.

You can register for this event by sending me an in game mail with SAVIOR or EXTERMINATOR as the subject line, or by posting in this thread:

Sept. 25 is MoP!

Dycer, Aug 2, 12 5:33 PM.
Soon, people.... SOON.

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